About Us


Hey there Mountain Babe! 
My names Christina and im the proud owners of Mountain Daze Boutique ! We officially launched our boutique May 13,2019 and we have been off and running since!
I (Christina) am from a small town in Massachusetts called Seekonk which is where all the magic of our boutique currently happens! We are currently only online but hope to in the future have a physical set up to operate our boutique out of and for all of you beautiful woman to come and shop! 
I recently married my other half DJ in May of 2021! We LOVE adventures, the mountains and our sweet animals Oreo my kitty and our 2 bunnies- Cocoa & Lily.
The reason Mountain Daze Boutique is around is for a few reasons but it all leads down to being able to have the life we dream of. My passion and love, since I was a little girl has always been fashion and shopping. I had a notebook where I would design fashion and wedding gowns and had these big dreams of going to design school in California and opening up this huge boutique that had a section for every day fashion and a section for bridal all in the middle of New York City. As I got older I decided to go to cosmetology school and get my RI cosmetologist license, which I still have to this day. Quickly to learn that it wasnt what I wanted. Eventually after a few different roads down the Business trail, I opened this boutique. My big "WHY" is my family, we are planning on purchasing our first home soon and build a life that is increible for our future children thats full of love, adventure and joy. This boutique may be my dream, but the dream of what it can do and provide for my family, and those of others, is so much bigger than any childhood dream. 
Thank you so much for choosing to shop from us and helping us set up a life for ourselves and be able to pave a beautiful path for an expanding family one day. It means so much to us!
We are currently online only but we have plans in the making within the next year or so to have a storefront- keep your eyes open for updates!